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christie's team bullying mayors? what would it mean if he runs for president? tonight on "crossfire." >>> welcome to "crossfire." i'm van jones on the left. >> i'm s.e. cupp on the right. two very different views of new jersey governor chris christie. today we have a dear diary moment and she said/she said. this isn't melrose place, it's new jersey. for those of you who are watching football this weekend, let me catch you up. first, the mayor of hoboken goes public with her diary. supposedly christie sent his lieutenant governor to threaten the mayor that he'd withhold sandy relief money unless the mayor approved a development deal. >> when the lieutenant governor comes, pulls you aside in a parking lot and says that these two things are connected. i know it shouldn't be, but they are. if you tell anyone, i'll deny it. she felt almost guilty about saying it. >> keep in mind this is the same mayor who once told cnn that withholding the funding was not retaliation. this morning the lieutenant governor trashed the mayor's story and, watch, she doesn't look guilty, she looks furious. >>
the state of chris christie's denial. >> the last week has certainly tested this administration. >> chris christie is set to deliver his annual state of the state address. his fourth state of the state address. >> today, chris christie returned to the stage. >> to tout his bipartisan accomplishments. >> we have chosen to work together. these are our achieve. s. >> keeping his focus on all the other issues facing his constituents. >> the state of the state is good and getting better. >> not everyone is moving on, though. >>' what you have is political blood in the water. >> this last week has certainly tested this administration. >> the super committee is going to convene. >> 51% say christie hasn't been completely honest. >> more subpoenas could come thursday. >> there's more investigations everywhere. >> new jersey politics is rough and tumble. >> retribution and sort of pay back. >> mistakes were clearly made. i know our citizens deserve better. >> today is all about bridge-gate. the scandal surrounding the lane closures near the george washington bridge. enveloping his administration,
christie's public schedule for tomorrow. here it is. two events for sandy recovery. and he is traveling with the community affairs commissioner. here's where it gets awkward in this new era for christie. remember jersey city mayorer steven philip, the newly elected mayor. we told you how governor christie's office scheduled meetings with many of his appointees. according to press accounts once mayor fulop declined to endorse christie those meetings were cancelled. one of those meetings was with community affairs member richard consitable. this is the new reality for the christie administration. everything is under a microscope. and it couldn't have come at a worse time, the day the state assembly hired a tough former federal prosecutor who knows how to prosecute dirty politics. reed shaw will be counsel for the committee investigating. mr. shaw made bones in some of the highest profile cases in the country. rob blagojevich was accused of trying to sell president obama's former senate seat to the highest bidder. jurors credited his cross examination. blagojevich was convicted and sentenc
" with lawrence o'donnell. have a great night. >>> tonight, chris christie's donors are worried, and the first national poll on chris christie since the bridge scandal broke turns out to be very, very good news for hillary clinton. >> 4 in 10 veoters say christie is a bully. >> we has a nation remain stuck in the news traffic jam. >> chris christie's jersey jam. >> come on! >> chris christie and the problems he's had. >> he's a good politician. he's great at defending himself. >> simultaneously, his political career could be finished. >> that's the problem with christie. it's out of his hands. >> in terms of vetting, in terms of the department of justice investigations. >> he has a long road ahead. >> i have had no contact with david wildstein in a long time. >> so we see that wall street journal picture. >> appearing to interact with wildstein on september 11, 2013, the third day of the lane closures themselves. >> decisions for key players come as early as tomorrow. >> when they testify, what's going to be his position then? >> if you want to talk about salt in the wound, there's this. ♪ i
, the players in the chris christie bridge-lane shutdown scandal are waiting for a knock at the door. right now. we do not know exactly who is being served with subpoenas tonight. the state assembly said today they will not release the names of the people who they are subpoenaing until those people have been served. they've been individually, personally handed their subpoenas in print in person. once that happens, once that i been served, we are expecting to get their names, the list of names. we're told to expect new subpoenas for roughly 17 individuals in the state of new jersey tonight and three entities. and by entities, that means organizations. we're told to expect that that may mean political organizations or campaigns. we're told that they are about to get served tonight as well as those individual people. now, why would political organizations get subpoenas in this scandal? well, when the governor's deputy chief of staff apparently ordered time for traffic problems in fort lee. if that was ordered up for political reasons, if fort lee was purposely gridlocked as a way of trying to hurt
me the opportunity to serve. >> chris christie takes the oath of office for his second term. >> second inauguration. >> it's only fitting in this administration. >> but regardly a fresh start. >> with more hurricanes, snowstorms. >> it's really coming down in trenton, new jersey. >> we begin the second term the same way. >> it wasn't supposed to be this way. >> we will follow the information we have. >> a supercommittee, he's fighting wars on two fronts. >> raises serious allegations. >> her allegations have to be looked into. >> i don't think she's going to succeed in shaking christie down. >> he called her a lady mayor. i assume that's not something you meant to say. >> i didn't mean for it to be taken the wrong way. >> every mayor in new jersey is going to be asked, what were your dealings with this administration? >> governor chris crist too eis trying to reset his political future. >> i think you're going to see a more reserveds christie going forward. >> i believe in you, new jersey. and i always, always will. >> it's hard out there for a republican governor. today, th
chris christie's office. >> i can't believe they were doing this. >> militia of hoboken telling cnn christie's office withholding relief funds after superstorm sandy. details on both stories start now. we begin with breaking news of an ominous threat aimed at thousands of tourists set to visit olympic for the olympic games. these men claim to be the suicide bombers who carried out the attack in volgograd, russia, just days from the drive of sochi. phil joins me live, tell us more about this chilling video and how this message was disseminated. >> sure, fred. this video posted to a well-known jihadi forum. in it these men claim responsibility for the acts that took place in volgograd just a few weeks ago in the final days of 2013, the 29th and 309 of december. there were bombings here at a train station, also a trolley bus in all killing 34 people. ominously these people promise there is more to come specifically making very direct threats against the olympic games. they have presented -- prepared what they describe as a present for russians, for tourists who will be in sochi. during
jersey governor select a council and move towards the issue of subpoenas, getting christie's people in the chair and getting them under oath is the main issue. what the investigators need to ask is why every single member of the christie team without exception thought it was in the governor's interest to jam shut the commuter traffic lanes to new york, to render a whole community freeze fried for four days while his gang filled glee like they were high schoolers pulling off a prank on the school principal. nobody in the crew said a word against the caper, not a one. even when faced with resistance they pounded full speed eahead. they proceeded enthusiastically with their plan to punish the people of ft lee. now the governor says he will support an inquiry if he finds it appropriate. does this mean he reserves judgment and the right to claim executive privilege should the new jersey assembly plan to hear from the chief of staff and counsel charles mckenna or would asking them be inappropriate by the governor's decree? we will see. i am looking for the first time the governor puts up
christie starts his second term under a cloud. >> all of us may be one yes away from our miracle. >> will it end in the white house or in trouble? >> he is one e-mail away from a disaster. >>> on the left van jones. on the right newt gingrich in the "crossfire" brad woodhouse and republican ken cuccinelli. chris christie's political future unlimited or road blocked? tonight on "crossfire." >>> welcome to "crossfire" i'm van jones on the left. >> i'm newt gingrich on the right. in the "crossfire" guests with different opinions of chris christie. first we have breaking news about another, quote, scandal involving republican governor. late today the former virginia governor bob mcdonald and his wife were indicted on charges of illegally accepting gifts. he calls it a false indictment and this may end up being another example of overreach by president obama's justice department. this news broke shortly after chris christie was sworn in for a second term. in an impressive speech christie rose above the bridge scandal at least for today. >> okay, newt. here we go. you guys can try to p
, the chris christie appointee to the authority who personally ork fiezed the shutdown of the bridge lanes when the government's chief of staff ordered time for traffic problems in ft. lee, it was david wildstein who said got it and he at the port authority secretly organized the traffic engineers and maintenance department and everybody else who had to be in on it to get those lanes shut down then he swore them all to secrecy in terms of not letting anybody in ft. lee what to know what hit him. it was david wildstein calling the mayor that little serbian, david wildstein said don't feel bad for those children stuck in the traffic jams in the first day and the first week of school in ft. lee, because those are the voters, the democratic candidate running against chris christie. david wildstein ordered radio silence as the response of complaints from the mayor and ft. lee officials even when they were complaining about delayed ambulances trying to get to injured people and people who were having heart attacks. that's david child stein and that's david wildstein with chris christie during th
. the politics lead, governor chris christie. today is the first day of the rest of your administration. the governor and possible presidential hopeful ignoring the controversies currently plaguing his office and turning the page to his new term. >>> and the world lead. all eyes are on russia as authorities try to track down so-called black widows who may be part of a plan to attack the games. one congressman is in sochi right now who says the greatest threat to americans is much closer to home. >>> welcome to "the lead," coming to you live from trenton, new jersey, where the second inauguration of the chris christie took place behind me. i cannot ignore the reason that i can barely feel my toes right now. take a look at the cannon salute for governor chris christie earlier. with all of the snow, that and the snow, it almost feels like a scene from the legendary long winter in valley forge in 1777. new jersey is just one of the states getting slammed by the vicious storm. d.c., of course, never misses a chance to call a snow day. the white house canceled its briefing today. the scene in
chris christie now faces the ticking clock. each second takes him closer to the moment when those he has blamed for this bridge scandal testify under oath. if he has signalled to any of them or any other staffer or appointee that this is the way he wanted things done, this story will develop like an old polaroid snapshot. we'll see the reality that has appeared until now only in murk and shadow. we will know precisely who told what to whom. today governor christie said he would not let the bridge scandal define new jersey. well, it doesn't, governor. it defines you. >> now the last week has certainly tested this administration. mistakes were clearly made. and as a result, we let down the people we're entrusted to serve. i know our citizens deserve better, much better. now i'm the governor. and i'm ultimately responsible for all that happens on my watch, both good and bad. and without a doubt, we will cooperate with all appropriate inquiries to ensure that this breach of trust does not happen again. but i also want to assure the people of new jersey today that what has occurred does not d
starts right now. >>> good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes. chris christie is ready to move on. in fact, a lot of people on the right are ready to turn the page on the george washington bridge scandal. it is over. he has apologized. time to move on. >> without a doubt, we will cooperate with all appropriate inquiries to insure that this breach of trust does not happen again. >> not for nothing, governor but these inquiries aren't happening to ensure nothing like this ever happens again. it is hard to imagine anyone in the future being quite as craven. there to find out what happened this time. we still don't know. there are still so many questions that need to be answered, including, what was david sampson's role in the george washington bridge scandal. >> i met two hours yesterday with mr. sampson, general sampson. again, i am confident that he had no knowledge of this. >> last week, chris christie issued a sweeping defense of this man, david sampson, one of several people implicated in the first batch of e-mails who has managed to escape the axe. david sampson is not a former
, another allegation against governor chris christie's office." the mayor of hoboken said the mayor withheld relief funds after superstorm sandy. details on both stories start now. >>> we begin with breaking news out of russia and that terror tape. here is what the new threat says in part. quote, as for your olympics, something that you really want, we prepared a present for you. you do your business and we'll do ours. we prepared a present for you and all tourists who come over, end quote a video online shows two men who claim to be the suicide bombers behind one of last month's bloody bombings in volgograd, russia. the video is adding to fear russia won't be able to stop a terror attack. phil, give us more about this video and how it was uncovered. >> reporter: fred, so this video shows two men who claimed credit for the bombing in volgograd who killed 21 people on the 30th of december. more, they touched on they promised there was more to come. in that very ominous language they say they have a present traveling to sochi, for tourists. they say they have prepared this for the response and
of manhattan. that's the george washington bridge. it's famous now for the chris christie bridge scandal. but it's also a landmark in its own right. right? the busiest bridge for vehicular traffic in the entire world. the george washington bridge up there at the top of your screen, that is not the only way to cross the river from new jersey into new york. below the george washington bridge, your next option is a tunnel. the lincoln tunnel. below the lincoln tunnel your next option is another tunnel. the holland tunnel. below that, you have three bridge options all of which go from new jersey not to manhattan but rather to staten island. first you get to the baon bridge. beyond that, the goethals bridge and there's an outer bridge crossing. holds a romantic place in my family because my partner, susan, was born under the bridge in perth amboy. something really bad happened on the outer bridge, it was a huge screwup, and it got people really mad. >> port authority says staffing shortages are to blame for the massive backup for staten island residents trying to get home on easter sunday. dr
awkward for new jersey governor chris christie is because the guy he's interacting with in this photo, the guy in the dark coat and the white shirt and the red tie is david wildstein. the chris christie administration political appointee to the port authority who personally organized the shutdown of the bridge lanes. when the governor's deputy chief of staff ordered, quote, time for some traffic problems in ft. lee, it was david wildstein who responded, got it, and it was then david wildstein at the port authority secretly organized the traffic engineers, maintenance department and bridge general manager and everybody else who had to be in on it to get those lanes shut down. then he swore them all to secrecy in terms of not letting anybody in ft. lee know what was about to hit them. david wildstein was calling the ft. lee may wror that little serbian. it was david wildstein who said don't feel bad for the children stuck in the traffic jams, the first day, the first week of school in ft. lee because, quote, those are the children of buono voters, being the democratic candidate who was
of figures including those at the christie reelection campaign. this says the new jersey assembly people mean business. they picked an investigator with a big notch on his belt all right, reed scharr. they have given him wide latitude to get to the truth, including which of christie's cronies tried covering up this caper. supercharged his investigation of richard nixon by hiring john dorr who earned his spurs in robert kennedy's department let's see where this is all taking us. heather hadden has been covering this story for "the wall street journal." heather, i'm impressed by the speed with which this special investigative committee has moved in issuing some 20 subpoenas already. >> yeah, it has moved very quickly. now they are issuing the subpoenas at some point today. we don't know exactly when. and during the press conference that was just held about this, we weren't given any names. so they are not confirming any names until the subpoenas are actually issued to 17 individuals and three organizations. we were told that all the individuals and organizations are within new jersey. and when
to chris christie. there is breaking news. you will hear new evidence from a new jersey mayor. she says that it bolsters her claim that the christie administration held sandy recovery money hostage to her action on a real estate development that the cnn favored. you will hear others who say that it doesn't add up and people need to know whether their elected officials are serving the public. you can join the conversation, tweet us or weigh in on our facebook page. we'll show you comments a at the bottom of the screen. in a moment, dawn zimmer the one leveling the payback allegations, talked to federal investigators about it over the weekend. and now the background from dana bash. >> it's an ultimatum of epic plit political proportions. chris christie's lieutenant governor says it holy and false. >> being a sandy victim myself makes the mayor's allegations particularly offensive to me. dawn zimmer described a scene right out of a movie saying that lieutenant governor kim guadagno approached her and threatened to withhold money unless the governor backed a project in her town. >> she said
of a democratic president running for re-election in new jersey governor chris christie who was perhapsed most popular republican in america at that point. the image of them standing shoulder to shoulder, that image was a powerful one. christie said his number one goal in the wake of the storm was to help new jersey recover. that was not a time to play politics. last may the governor was back down the shore with president obama recommitting to that same promise. >> from the minute the storm hit, we were working with the local mayors all up and down the jersey shore and in bergen county. everybody came together -- republicans, democrats, independents. we all came together because new jersey is more important and our citizens' lives are more important than any kind of politics at all. >> just a few months before that meeting at the beginning of 2013 conservatives in the u.s. house were holding up billions of dollars in sandy recovery funds claiming a concern about runaway government spending and rising deficits. they were members of chris christie's own party. that didn't stop the governor from
out on chris chris christie's office and msnbc over the scandal that's enveloped the governor which took a turn as new jersey mayor accused christie's folks of pressuring for a real estate deal in exchange for hurricane sandy relief aid. it christie has called msnbc a partisan angle. >> new jersey chris christie giving an explanation today for that traffic. >> for the second time in a week, governor chris christie faces a ticking clock. each second takes him closer to the moment when those he has blamed for this bridge scandal testify under oath. >> the bully label may not stick to new jersey governor chris christie even after revelations of the bridge scandal surfaced last week. >> is the coverage of christie approaching overkill? >>> and what about hillary on the cover of "time." are you media treating her better. >>> michelle obama turns 50. and the pundits get out the party hats and celebrate. have they gotten carried away? i'm howard kurtz and this is media buzz. >>> it started with that george washington bridge scandal, of course, but now almost everything about chris chris ti
christie's office and msnbc over the scandal that's enveloped the government. a new mayor has accused cri edd christie's folks. christie's office calling msnbc a partisan network that's gleefully attacking him. is that true? he's also getting pounded by the rest of the press over the bridge scandal. >> chris christie -- >> for the second time in more than a week, chris christie apologized to his con stitch wents. >> do for christie faces a ticking clock, each second takes him closer to the moment when he testifies under oath. >> is the coverage of christie approaching overkill? and what about hillary on the cover of time on the media treating her far better? >>> plus michelle obama turns 50 and the pundits get out the party hats and start celebrating. have they got on a little carried away? i'm howard kurtz and this is media buzz. >>> it started with that george washington bridge scandal, of course, but now almost everything about chris christie and his administration is under journalistic investigation. rachel maddow leading with the story every single day. >> today the story of new jers
to the world cup. what to expect in 2014 and i predict a krystal ball joke. >>> chris christie is laying low today after his major state of the state address yesterday but investigations into his aides conduct continues. any officials necessary will be subpoenaed and discussions about whether to subpoena christie himself were premature. despite the controversy, christie's approval is strong at 55%. it is down double digits from a year ago. a slide that predates this particular story. and while nine out of ten new jersey voters say they have read about this traffic payback story, only 22% of them think christie personally ordered the traffic jam and 41% do believe christie was aware of what his aides were doing. as for christie's broader brand, four in ten voters say christie is a bully. while more view him as a leader. 51% say they think he's honest. let's take down christie's resilience with steve kornacki. i want to show you one thing. "the cycle" producers want to start with new data. this is your time reporting the story on msnbc off the charts. >> looks very scientific. >> you are leadi
washington bridge, it's famous now for the chris christie bridge scandal, it's also a landmark in its even right. the busiest bridge for vehicular traffic in the entire world. the george washington bridge that is not the only way to cross the river from new jersey into new york, below the george washington bridge, your next option is a tunnel, the lincoln tunnel. the next option is another tunnel. the holland tunnel. and three bridge options, that go from new jersey to staten island, first you get to the bayone bridge, the goerfels bridge and there's an outer bridge crossing. my partner susan was born under the outer bridge in perth amboy. something really bad happened on the outer bridge, it was a huge screwup, and it got people really mad. >> shortages blamed for the massive backup for residents trying to get home on easter sunday, only one cash lane was open at the tollbooth which backed up traffic for all the other lanes. >> it was so bads that the website gothamist did a feature on the galacticly stupid traffic jam on the bridge. saying the port authority ruined easter. look at the co
publicly released in the chris christie bridge scandal in new jersey, not only to chris christie appointees and chris christie staffers and the people who we know seem to have taken part in shutting down the lanes of that bridge as some sort of act of political retaliation last september, not just to those people, but a subpoena went out today to the governor's office itself. and to governor chris christie's campaign for re-election. we were told yesterday that there would be roughly three entities, three organizations who were getting subpoenas alongside a long list of individuals. turns out it is two entities. it's the governor's re-election campaign and the governor's office. which means that as sprawling as this scandal and this investigation have become, they are much more tightly focused than we knew on the governor himself and his immediate staff. this is not a far-flung investigation into how politics is done in new jersey, which is some of the way that it's been covered in the national press. no. at least so far, from what we can tell about the scope of the investigation, this is a
has occurred does not define us or our state. >> and abnormally here low-key chris christie acknowledging problems plaguing his administration right off the bat. two minutes into his state of the state address. the other big story we're following today, upstaged. christie's team probably hoped at least some of today's talk would be about policy pitches and term two, but bridgegate is not budging here. [ applause ] nevertheless, christie was greeted with a standing ovation last night. after discussing the scandal, he steered around the roadblock. the headlines in new jersey today didn't oblige. "what aren't you seeing," his calls for reform to crime control, taxes, and education. while a new quinnipiac poll this morning shows his approval dinged up, still above that all-important 50% mark, but down almost 20 percentage points from his all-time high, which was around this time last year. >> the blood's in the water, the knives are out, all those statements. certainly, it's tough anywhere in politics. in new jersey, i'd say, it's really tough. >> and picking up speed, the state
. >> this is an orchestrated democratic organizational effort to hurt governor christie. >> guys, we don't work that way. >> forget about it. >> i'm sure, absolutely sure, all of the facts will come out. >>> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. kind of a busy weekend, wasn't it? let's see now. we have a serious allegation. we have a serious denial. though a wholehearted denial. we have a liar in the house. the plot thickens, i guess you could say. while chris christie was fund raising in the great state of florida, another situation was brewing back in jersey, if you know what i mean. this one could make bridgegate look like a real walk in the park, folks. hoboken new jersey mayor dawn zimmer is the person at question this hour. is she really telling the truth? she's claiming the governor used hurricane sandy relief funds as leverage for a private development project. hoboken, new jersey, was devastated by super storm sandy. 80% of the town was flooded. i've seen floods in the upper midwest. when they come, they take everything. hoboken covers just over one square mile of land,
been released, christie will not be talking about bridgegate or the controversy over allegations of giving hurricane aid to the city of hoboken was tied to support for a development project. instead, he'll speak to things that have proven successful to him in the past, the number one, christie as the alternative to washington, "we cannot fall victim to the attitude of washington, d.c., the attitude that says i am always right and you are always wrong." theme two, christie as the solo act, not afraid to go it alone. here's that quote, "the people of this state know that the only way forward is if we are all willing to take on what is politically unpopular." today's inauguration coming one day after christie's lieutenant governor denied accusations she tried to hold sandy relief hostage from the city of hoboken, but the democratic mayor of that city stuck by her story last night in a new interview. >> when you look at the documents, you look at the letters that i've written, you can see it wasn't illogical at all, it's actually a progression, you know, leading up to something where
you new exclusive and startling information about top officials in chris christie oost administration. it attempts to link the chris ty administration to sandy funds. the project which happens to directly involve the law firm of the port authority chairman. that's a lot to absorb and we're going to take you through all of it in just a minute. we're going to hear directly from the mayor who says she was on the receiving end of this pressure campaign. she's been refusing media" all week but she's here this mompg to tell her story and it's a story you have not seen anywhere in the press before right now. there are a lot of documents, a lot of names, a lot of complicated but necessary context. please, i'm going to ask you, bear with us. we're going to take our time here and do our best to give you the clearest and accurate picture of what we know. and the best place to start this story then is probably five years ago. it was a famous day in new jersey politics. the day you may even remember even if you don't live in new jersey. but it's the day that in many
special committees investigating the chris christie bridge scandal in the new jersey legislature has issued 20 differe subpoenas as part of their investigation. we expected we might hear today who exactly got those subpoenas but it now looks like it's going to break either overnight tonight or early tomorrow. in terms of when we find out the names. and then what? now it's time for "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell. have a great night. >>> the new jersey legislature started issuing subpoenas today and chris christie hired himself a team of lawyers today. >> we start with the investigation of chris christie. >> three separate investigations going on. >> governor chris christie's administration will be getting temperature subpoenas. >> two new committees to be granted subpoena power. >> raising concerns about the cost. >> john wisniewski has done a great job. >> it's more ambitious than we were expecting. >> the administration has now hired a legal team. >> the governor announced his legal team. >> to look into whether any wrongdoing happened internally. as for the governor --
project in hoboken that was important to the chris christie administration, after she made those allegations this weekend, today, the christie administration responded to the hoboken mayor by denying the mayor's allegations, by saying that hoboken was never shortchanged in its sandy relief funds for any reason. and, besides, according to the office of governor chris christie, quote, hoboken was just not one of the state's hardest hit communities. that's part of the pushback from the christie administration against these explosive new allegations from the hoboken mayor that were first exposed here on msnbc on saturday morning by steve kornacki. part of their reporting is that hoboken just didn't need that much help. mr. kornacki reported new claims on saturday morning, from hoboken mayor, dawn zimmer, that during one week in may, this past may, right after the mayor had complained to governor christie office that hoboken was not receiving enough help after sandy, the mayor says within days of her making that complaint in writing to the governor, two separate members of the christi
and the digital world this morning as we grapple with the future of privacy in america. plus, as chris christie raises money in florida this weekend, he's also trying to get his presidential ambitions for 2016 back on track. this morning new allegations of strong arming by his administration from a new jersey mayor. is the bridge scandal widening or is this politically motivated pile-on? we'll talk about it. joining me here andrea mitchell nia-malika henderson from "the washington post," harold ford and newt gingrich. to all of you, isn't it significant that after all the hue and cry, after all these revelations by snowden, the president has in effect ended this debate by saying, these programs are going to stick around. i need them to keep the country safe, newt gingrich. >> well, that's a very significant speech in the sense that here's a guy whose bias will be for civil libertarians but after five years of daily briefings in the white house as said, you, you know, the world is really dangerous and we need these tools to be safe. it's very hard to imagine fundamental changes in the program ag
fault new jersey traffic jam ♪ >> mistakes were made. chris christie insists. and now the special probes start a day after chris christie used that state of the state address to revisit that bridge scandal, now swallowing his second term and possibly presidential hopes. democrats in the state legislature are putting the final touches on two investigative panels that could issue subpoenas for christie aides as early as tomorrow. for his part, the new jersey governor used his speech to once again apologize for the scandal. >> i'm the governor, and i'm ultimately responsible for all that happens on my watch, both good and bad. now, without a doubt, we will cooperate with all appropriate inquiries to ensure that this breach of trust does not happen again. >> but this is chris christie, and not far from any speech is mentioned of a key theme to christie's brand, bipartisanship. >> no state in this country has shown more bipartisanship than new jersey and our people are proud of it. >> one people helping the jersey governor survive so far, polls. christie's approval is still fairly high
. and thanks to you for tuning in. breaking news tonight. a flurry of subpoenas in governor christie's bridge scandal, including in the governor's inner most circle. late today lawmakers in the assembly announced they're sending out 20 subpoenas, demanding all documents that could be related to the lane closings, including e-mails and texts among those being served, 17 people and three organizations, including the governor's reelection campaign. two fired officials are reportedly being served, former deputy chief of staff bridget kelly, who sent the notorious e-mail "time for some traffic problems in ft. lee", and former campaign manager bill stepien. all that's on the assembly side. we're also getting late-breaking word of subpoenas from the state senate, including two high-ranking officials, david samson, the chairman of the agency that runs the george washington bridge will be served. he is a very close ally of governor christie's, and he has come under intense scrutiny in recent days. also being served regina egea, governor christie's incoming chief of staff, and someone whose name appear
jersey governor chris christie is trying to keep it positive in florida this weekend. he's the headliner at some fund-raising events today and tomorrow, campaigning for fellow republican governor rick scott. but he's got plenty of political trouble back home in new jersey. cnn's tory dunnan is in florida. is the bridge scandal being mentioned at all this weekend? >> reporter: i have to tell you, these events are totally closed off from the media. they're close door. you can't get really anywhere near them. so they're not coming out and talking to reporters. but we are talking to people who are inside the fund-raising events. the one here in orlando this morning was a fund-raiser for florida governor rick scott, and actually spoke with one woman who was inside about what was and wasn't said, and here is her response to some of my questions. what was the reaction in there to governor christie? >> excellent. >> it was great. >> excellent. >> reporter: what did he say? >> he talked about governor scott and how good he is. >> reporter: did anything about the scandal come up? >> what do you th
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